According to breaking news on US Weekly, George Michael has passed away at the age of 53. According to early reports the singer was at home in Oxfordshire, England. Just before 2PM local time, a South Central Ambulance was called. Authorities are reporting that there is nothing suspicious regarding the death. It appears he died peacefully at home. Of course the family is asking for their privacy to be respected in this sad time.

George Michael had an impressive career

George Michael had a wonderful career full of success and achievement.

His album sales surpassed 100 million over the course of his career. He started out in the group WHAM! in the 1980s. They put out several hits including "Wake Me Up Before You Go Go." When George Michael stepped out on his own, his success continued. He made more hit records including "Faith" and "I Want Your Sex." He was a heartthrob as well as a great singer.

Struggle with drugs

His personal life was riddled with problems, however. Over the years he had bouts with drugs. He went to rehab several times but getting off of crack was a battle for him always.

In 2008 he faced an arrest in a public toilet in London. His family had even done interviews regarding the toll it took on them as well.

There is disbelief and shock in posts and tweets regarding the passing of George Michael. Many are referring to his song "Last Christmas" and how sad it is that this turned out to be his last Christmas. His following is just as strong now as it was at the peak of his fame.

Over the course of his three decade career he won numerous awards in Britain and America. He was nominated for eight Grammys and actually took home two. He was ranked by Billboard Magazine as the 40th most successful artist of all-time on their Billboard Hot 100 Top All Time Artists List. Quite the accomplishment!

Over the course of the next few days and weeks the details surrounding his death will start to emerge.

For now a statement from his publicist is all we have, and it simply relays the sad news.

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