A&E has won awards for airing shows such as "Born This Way." They bring tough subjects to the forefront in docuseries such as "Leah Remini: Scientology And The Aftermath." They have recently announced a new docuseries to begin airing on January 10th "Generation KKK."

The eight part show will focus on three of the leaders of the chapters of the outdated organization with beliefs based on preserving the white race. Steven Howard is the Imperial Wizard of the North Mississippi White Knights. Richard Nichols is the Grand Dragon of the Tennessee Knights of the Invisible Empire.

Last but not least, Chris Buckley is Grand Knighthawk of the North Georgia White Knights. While there is no national organization for the KKK, there are less than 200 independent klan chapters throughout the south.

KKK wants to recruit young people

In order for the Ku Klux Klan to survive, they need to indoctrinate young people. According to the members, without bringing young people into their folds, the KKK will not survive.

A&E claims to have started the filming 18 months ago with the agenda of bringing things to light.

They say they have made it clear to those involved with the show that their goal is to have them come out of the KKK but yet they film the internal struggles of the families and leaders.

Social media is ablaze over the show!

Social media is already going crazy with posts and tweets in opposition to the series ever airing the first episode. It is being seen by many as promoting the hate the Ku Klux Klan is known for.

The organization sees the white race as superior, and threatened by the growing diversity of our nation.

There have been several posts and tweets that go so far as to boycott A&E network altogether because of "Generation KKK." Many viewers are so upset that they are calling for others to join them in calling their cable company to cancel A&E from their programming guide.

A network that has been known for shows like "Intervention" and "Hoarders" is now being seen as a network that is promoting racism and furthering the agenda of the KKK.

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