“General Hospital” spoilers say Sam and Jason have some trouble ahead before their bundle of joy arrives. The birth of baby JaSam has been confirmed for February sweeps. "GH" spoilers predict lots of drama coming their way and there are also some strange rumors that could change their lives for good.

Baby shower shocker

On the December 14 episode of “General Hospital”, Maxie stole the envelope from Sam with the JaSam baby gender secret inside. We also know Maxie is planning an epic baby shower. Next Tuesday is Sam’s baby shower and Maxie ticks Sam off at the party.

Maxie reveals the baby’s sex at the shower, maybe with a trendy baby cake that's pink or blue or a color-coded onesie that gives it away. Sam and Jason wanted to be surprised, but Maxie can’t help herself. She has to meddle but Sam is furious.

A surprising delivery

“GH” spoilers say Sam gives birth to the long-awaited JaSam baby in February sweeps and other spoilers say Sam gives birth in an “interesting way” with Jason at her side.

Maybe she’ll drop the kid in the middle of Noodle Buddha.

The “General Hospital” spoilers say Jason and Sam will “meet someone special to them” but promise drama around the baby and birth. But what is it? Sam is in her third trimester, so we should not see a preemie birth.

Baby JaSam in trouble?

“GH” watchers would riot if the baby was stillborn since Sam lost baby Lila back in the day. Some “General Hospital” rumors from Facebook have speculated Sam and Jason’s baby might be born with problems.

“GH” writers said the JaSam baby drama would be unique. Sam’s brother had a genetic condition that caused learning disabilities but since Sam is adopted, she's not likely to be a carrier for this genetic problem.

Awards grab by “GH”?

As a tribute to Sam’s brother Daniel, Danny’s namesake, they might do a plot with developmental delays. Like the AIDS and cancer stories, it could win accolades. “GH” failed with boobgate.

A handicapped child would be bold, but would ABC do that?

Probably not and “General Hospital” spoilers often mislead to rile up fans. This could be just a rumor and the birth of baby JaSam could be pure joy with no drama at all. We will know in February.

“General Hospital” airs weekdays on ABC.

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