“General Hospital” spoilers say Anna does know Valentin, but don’t believe crazy “GH” rumors about her being his mother. No way is Valentin the baby Anna miscarried when she was pregnant by Duke. However, Valentin offered all the clues GH watchers and super-spy Anna need to figure out his secret.

Anna and Valentin’s shared past

Valentin wants Anna to recognize him. He’s goading her, insinuating things, and, most recently, flirted her up. What’s a bit insane is that Anna couldn’t help herself and was a little charmed even though she thinks he’s the worst guy in Port Charles.

Valentin’s eyes haunt her. She’s sure she recognizes them. This is another reason to discount crazy talk he’s her miscarried baby. Anna knows him and has known him for decades but there’s a reason it's only his eyes that seem familiar.

WSB associates in the 80s?

The facts are:

  • Valentin knows the motto of the WSB training academy
  • Valentin has a photo of Anna from the WSB training academy
  • Anna is certain she and Valentin have met before
  • Valentin told her they could have been friends in “another life”

The logical conclusion is that Valentin was WSB at some point or maybe just in the academy.

That photo of Anna at the academy is likely one taken by Valentin way back when. “GH” writers have constructed a past for Anna that no one knew about and it involves Valentin.

See Valentin actor James Patrick Stuart's tweet below. Is he offering a hint to "GH" watchers?

Why doesn’t Anna know his face?

The likely explanation for why Anna knows only his eyes is that he’s had facial reconstruction surgery between when he and Anna knew each other in the WSB academy and now.

There are many possibilities for Valentin’s history with Anna. They could have been fellow trainees and colleagues. But it would be way hotter if Anna and Valentin were lovers, too. Imagine Anna’s outrage if she finds out the guy she’s been chasing was once her bed buddy? GH might not go that path, but let’s hope they do!

Where has Valentin been?

Valentin could be on a mission and needed surgery as part of his cover.

Or maybe he was injured on assignment, presumed dead, and then re-emerged with a new face. He could be a good guy turned bad or a good guy in deep cover. For James Bond fans, remember the plot of “Goldeneye”?

Plastic surgery doesn’t change your eyes and that’s what Anna recognizes (see video below). Anna gets another big clue the week of December 12th when a familiar tune sparks vivid memories of Valentin. We’ll see her shock as she realizes Valentin is no stranger and they share a history, memories, and maybe more!

“General Hospital” airs weekdays on ABC.

“GH” Anna vs. Valentin promo:

"GH" Anna talks about Valentin's eyes:

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