“General Hospital” spoilers say Nina will get married on New Year’s Eve to Valentin. Valentin promised her a place in Charlotte’s life, but the Greek may have a hidden agenda that could crush Nina.

Wedding chaos

Port Charles gathers for the nuptials of Nathan and Maxie, but “GH” spoilers for Wednesday, December 28th say Nathan gets a call saying he’s still married to Claudette who is MIA so he can’t divorce her.

Will recast Spinelli, as Blake Berris, show up to surprise Maxie at her wedding?

Maxie is flu sick and missing daughter Georgie and Nina and Lulu get it into a physical altercation at the venue.

Maxie and Nathan decide to call it off even though they’re still a united couple.

Replacement wedding

The wedding is ready, so why not? After Lulu gets nasty with Nina over Charlotte, Valentin sees Lulu will be a problem. He can’t shoot her like he did Nikolas, so he takes a strategic approach.

Valentin convinces Nina to marry him. On Thursday, December 29th, “General Hospital” spoilers say Valentin makes a promise to Nina. Is that to love, honor, and cherish her?

Happy-ending or tragic start?

Nina may have reservations about Valentin, but the idea of being an official mother figure to Charlotte will tip the scales in his favor.

“GH” spoilers suggest Nina agrees and the two are married as 2017 starts.

After they wed, Nina has everything she wants - a man that loves her and a child. Her life is complete and perfect. But is Valentin just playing her for a fool? Is Nina a pawn in his awful agenda?

Obsessed with Anna

On Tuesday, December 27th, Valentin finds his pic of Anna is gone. Emma stole it. He’s frantic, almost crying, and raving.

Nina witnesses all this. Valentin regains his composure and covers with a lie.

Valentin is obsessed with Anna. He knows her past maybe from the WSB or maybe from the decade she was gone from Port Charles and had amnesia. Anna tries hypnosis soon to find out more.

Hell hath no fury like Nina scorned

With the wedding, Nina gets her happy ending but, ultimately, Valentin will likely betray her. There’s no telling what Nina might do if it turns out Valentin is playing her.

Nina might steal Charlotte, drug him, kill him, etc. if he gives her the life she wants and it then it burns down around her. But maybe it’s true love and he’s not a liar…

“General Hospital” airs weekdays on ABC.

Nina and Valentin new romance “GH” video:

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