“General Hospital” spoilers and rumors say Nelle did not have sex with Sonny but let him think they did for a reason. Nelle might be planning a fake pregnancy to split CarSon and punish the whole family for her stolen kidney.

Nelle fakes pregnancy?

Nelle recorded Sonny confessing to sleeping with her and he said it was his fault. The secret recording also sees Sonny stating they must lie to Carly. This is good stuff for blackmail but Nelle likely wants more than that.

A fake pregnancy would work well.

Some sites have said Nelle will be pregnant by Sonny but it’s disgusting to picture Nelle straddling drugged-out Sonny. That would be nasty indeed. But she didn’t have to go that far.

“What if it’s not?”

Nelle asked Sonny that question when he told her "this" is over. Sonny meant the sex was a one-time deal. Nelle was hinting she has more plans for him and might have planned all of this to fake a pregnancy.

Nelle can’t fake pregnancy for long, assuming the “GH" rumors are true. The way to end it is with a fake miscarriage. A “miscarriage” could see Nelle’s health at fake risk and that would hurt Carly because Nelle saved Josslyn.

Nelle manipulates CarSon?

Although this is just a “General Hospital” rumor, it’s fascinating. Pregnancy can put stress on the kidneys and Nelle has only one. She could play this up and imply Sonny took advantage of her, impregnated her, and put her health at risk.

Nelle could fake a miscarriage and if she was forced to go to “GH”, remind the doctors they can’t reveal her private information. However, Bobbie could find out she’s faking. There are many ways this could go if the “GH” plot comes out this way.

Nelle gets Carly to turn on Sonny?

A pregnancy scam could rip CarSon apart in a spectacular way.

Nelle has big plans for the Corinthos family and it’s hard to predict what she’s up to and has planned. Fake pregnancies are a common soap plot and “GH” loves to re-do them. It’s just a “General Hospital” rumor but it could easily happen.

“General Hospital” airs weekdays on ABC and the Giffin, Liz, and Franco love triangle heats up soon.

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