“General Hospital” spoilers and rumors from inside sources on social media confirm ABC has recast the role of Morgan Corinthos. The network is holding back on releasing the name of the actor but we will see the return of the son of Carly and Sonny in early 2017.

The original casting call went out just days after Bryan Craig's departure was revealed and said "GH" was looking for an actor that is age 20-25, Caucasian, brooding, intense, complicated, troubled and a soulful young man "trying to figure things out." That's Morgan to a tee.

Bryan Craig out for good at GH

Two weeks ago, Bryan Craig stirred up fans with some tweets hinting at a possible return. On December 8th, he posted on Twitter, “People need to calm haha. Ill come through again and pick up right where I left off.......”

Then when fans asked him if he was coming back to the ABC soap, he added a second tweet that said, “Don't get ahead of yourselves ;)” Since then, both tweets were deleted and it seems this was a case of an actor wanting some fan attention, which he got.

Who is the recast actor?

Some tabloid sites posted “General Hospital” rumors that Joey Luthman would take over the role. He’s the young actor that played teenage Luke Spencer on the “GH” 52nd anniversary special back in 2015. He was talented in the role but would not be a fit for the part of Morgan.

This seems to be fiction spun by one or two websites. Plus, fans hated the idea so even if “GH” was considering it, they aren’t anymore.

Another tabloid site bragged that Blake Berris would be the recast because he tweeted, “daytime fans. i have a little surprise for you.”

Berris later clarified that tweet by adding, “remember I said little” because soap fans (and tabloid sites) went wild predicting a return to “Days of Our Lives” or his recast as Morgan. Neither seems to be true. Maybe he was discussing a fan event.

Where has Morgan been?

The “General Hospital” spoilers of a Morgan recast were inevitable since “GH” watchers know he was creeping around Sonny’s house the night he “died” in the car bomb event but where has he been? Some gossip sites are speculating wildly that the new mob boss with Asian ties might have him.

Morgan might just be chilling out of town recovering from his wounds and the plastic surgery we know will be mentioned. What would be cool is if new Morgan comes to town pretending to be someone else and doesn’t let his family know he’s alive for a while. He could even try and romance Kiki as a stranger.

There are lots of opportunities to kick-start this recast with a bang so here’s hoping “GH” does it up right when they introduce new Morgan in 2017. Who do you want to see in the role? If they go older, they could scoop up Michael Roark fresh from his exit at “The Young and the Restless”.

“General Hospital” airs weekdays on ABC. Today is Franco’s “A Christmas Carol” nightmare sequence and the big JaSam baby gender reveal thanks to Maxie’s scheming!

“GH” spoilers preview video for December 21st:

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