“General Hospital” spoilers say we must wait for Monday to see what should have been the Friday show because of President Obama's speech, but some GH” video clips have leaked. Hayden’s deathbed scenes and Lulu’s attempts to bond with Charlotte were released. Here is what will happen next on “General Hospital” if you can’t wait – also see the videos below.

War at Wyndemere

Lulu ignores everyone and goes to Wyndemere to tell Valentin to hand over her daughter. Valentin agrees to a visit but tells her their daughter still thinks Claudette is her biological mother and not to upset her by telling her the truth yet.

He wants to ease into it. Lulu wants to take Charlotte to the tree lighting at the Metro Court but the kid is hesitant. She wants to stay and play with Nina. Valentin talks to her in French and sends her on her way. Lulu and Nina have a mini-war over the tot and then Mom and daughter leave.

Dante’s not feeling it

Over at the hotel, Dante and Anna talk on the restaurant balcony. He gets the spy up to speed on the Valentin-Lulu baby sitch and worries that Valentin will be a presence in their life forever, and he’s not sure about that or the kiddo.

Anna has an idea. She is certain she’s on a path to busting the Greek hunk and then Dante’s jaw hits the floor when he sees Lulu with Charlotte despite them agreeing to take things slowly. Anna takes Charlotte to see Emma while Lulu reveals she won't take Charlotte back to Valentin.

Hayden at death’s door

Hayden is chilling at the Quartermaines with Tracy when she gets crazy fevered. Liz drops by to feel her head, then orders her evacuated to “GH.” Her infection is back and she’s about two steps from kicking the bucket, according to a red shirt extra.

Finn asks Brad to help him out in the lab since he’s persona non grata at “General Hospital." Spoilers say the lab geek steps up and produces a vial of mystery meds. Finn wants to test on himself. Tracy doesn’t like it but when Hayden goes belly up, it looks like he’ll give her the shot instead.

Other Monday “GH” spoilers

Also on the Monday, December 19th episode, Nina tells Valentin she doesn’t trust Lulu with Charlotte.

Franco and Liz talk, then she’s called to an emergency to help her sister. Liz asks what he’s doing at his art studio. Expect trouble, says “General Hospital” spoilers.

Tom the rapist tries tries to break out of the cage while Franco is gone. Soaps in Depth says Tom will get out of the dog crate and turns the tables on Franco. Wonder if the shock collar winds up on the former serial killer! That would be an incredible twist.

“General Hospital” airs weekdays on ABC. Because of the pre-empted show on Friday, December 16th, it will be brand new shows all week long, Monday through Friday.

Extended Hayden, Tracy, Finn and Liz “GH video promo:

Extended Lulu, Valentin, Charlotte, Nina, Dante and Anna “General Hospital video promo:

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