“General Hospital” spoilers say Julian won’t give up on Alexis and their love. Ava doesn’t trust Alexis after she ran Julian down while drunk, but Julian can’t hold a grudge since he put a knife to her throat. Julian can save Alexis from herself. It will unfold between now and February sweeps. Wednesday’s “GH” offered clues about how the show will try and clean up Julian’s history of violence.

Julian is working for someone

The new mob boss has Julian under his (or her) thumb. This was made clear on Wednesday when Rudge the drudge said ominous things and kicked Julian’s broken leg.

Julian was not in on the plan to blow up his car and he would have died if not for Morgan stealing it. At least Morgan is coming back as a recast!

Rudge told Julian he’s a big part of their plans. The mystery mobster has leverage over Julian, but how? The big Julexis reunion obstacle for “GH” watchers is him trying to kill her but they will rewrite history and explain this as some sort of ruse and not a real threat.

Alexis rolls out the red carpet

Julian has Alexis over a barrel (in her case, it’s a barrel of red wine), and demands she move him back into the house.

On Thursday, December 22nd, Alexis prepares for his return, and it’s mighty convenient that Kristina is moving out. On Friday, December 23rd, Julian and Alexis decorate the tree and things get cozy. Julian offers a romantic gift and almost gets a kiss under the mistletoe. If Alexis is drunk enough, there’s no telling what she’ll do.

New Year and more cheer

Alexis will continue hitting the bottle and Julian is truly concerned.

He tries to get her to stop and, on December 27th, Alexis snaps at him for meddling in her life. By January 3rd, the exes have a full-blown confrontation. The next day, Alexis has the hearing about her law license and Diane is there to help. But Alexis might not get back her license to practice if she does something foolish like swill some booze-laced coffee to calm her nerves before the hearing.

Rehab and reunion?

Twitter user Djona22 shared a call sheet that provide “General Hospital” spoilers on Alexis’ future. The leaked sheet was for episodes airing January 12-13th and shows Alexis is at an AA meeting (Alcoholics Anonymous).

Alexis, AA chairperson “Stan,” and three AA members are in the scene. Alexis is trying to sober up! Julian and Alexis married on February 19th last year (airdates February 22-23). “GH” writers may align the Julexis reunion with their anniversary.

However it happens, Alexis needs to sober up fast because Sam needs her for the JaSam baby drama coming soon. This holiday season, there will be no gap in “GH” episodes since Christmas Eve and Christmas are Saturday and Sunday.

General Hospital” airs weekdays on ABC.

Julexis knife at the throat video in case you forgot:

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