“General Hospital” spoilers in a new promo video say that Valentin will claim he’s been tricked just like Lulu and that Helena took advantage of them both when she created the embryo that turned out to be adorable little Charlotte.

Dante furious Valentin is Lulu’s baby daddy

On Monday, when Valentin tells Lulu that they have a child together, Dante goes nuts and slams Valentin against a wall. After Nathan peels his partner off the Greek, Valentin asks them to hear him out. He explains that Helena stole from him, too.

Valentin claims Stavros was infertile and so Helena couldn’t use his sperm to make a baby with Lulu. Valentin says that Daphne (the Greek island girl) drugged him and procured a sample to give to Helena, and that turned into Charlotte.

Cassadine cutie prompts custody dispute

Valentin still has some explaining to do about how he wound up with Lulu’s daughter. Surely, he’ll offer some tale of intrigue like he discovered what happened and rescued Charlotte. He also needs to explain when Claudette wormed her way into this plot.

“GH” spoilers say Lulu chills with Charlotte next week and then she decides she wants custody of her daughter. This could turn into a mega-battle for the ages, but “General Hospital” Christmas spoilers say Valentin offers a workable compromise in the spirit of the holidays.

This reveal prompts many questions:

1. Was Claudette working for Helena and hired to carry the kid?

2. Did Valentin steal the embryo from Helena and hire Claudette to carry the baby?

3. How long has Valentin known that Charlotte was Lulu’s?

4. Did he plan to keep Charlotte all to himself and never tell Lulu?

5. Does Charlotte know Jake (Liz’s resurrected kid) from Cassadine Island?

One big, happy family?

Laura won’t be pleased to know Valentin had a kid with her daughter.

Both Laura and Lulu must be having Stavros flashbacks. Can Dante cope with having Valentin hanging around as Lulu’s other baby daddy?

If Valentin told the truth, this is much more satisfying than “GH” resurrecting Stavros yet again. A new Cassadine is better than a zombie Cassadine. “General Hospital” spoilers say it won’t be too long before Rocco and Charlotte get the play-date Valentin wants!

“General Hospital” airs weekdays on ABC.

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