“General Hospital” spoilers from today’s show say Rudge may not be a flunkie and the lady in red might be a prisoner. This is just a rumor and theory, but was calling the cops on Jason today at the pawn shop an attempt to get help? Was the lady in red trying to escape? Notice that the room where she’s being kept is made of cinder blocks. It looks like a dungeon or a basement, not a fancy office like where a mob boss would lurk. We don’t know if that room is above or below the pawn shop, but it seems like it’s below.

Who is the lady in red?

Based on the style of clothing and the confirmed return of Tonja Walker, this might be Olivia Jerome and the Chinese letters for resurrection might relate to her return from the dead. However, perhaps Olivia is not in charge and she’s being held against her will. Notice on today’s show that Rudge lied to the cop about the cameras not working and said the siren scared off the burglar and he also lied about nothing being taken. Jason stole the Chinese junk that has Chinese letters on it that are the same as those on the Good Taste food bag.

It means reincarnation.

Julian in protective mode

Julian must feel guilty for shooting his older sister and on today’s show, it was made clear Julian has been protecting Alexis and his kids from the new villain. Has Julian been told his sister is alive and she’s a hostage to control his behavior? Is that part of the leverage against him? We now know that Rudge could have Alexis jailed for Julian’s hit and run since he has the security footage from Thanksgiving when she ran him down.

Alexis overheard them talking – she must realize soon there’s more to Julian’s actions than she thought.

What will Rudge do next?

Rudge may just be venting, in villainous monologue style, to his captive about his plans. Notice that she never speaks back. Is she gagged or drugged? All this could indicate Rudge is the hired muscle keeping watch over a captive for the real boss. Recast Spinelli is back soon to help.

Rudge told the woman in the wheelchair today that he must do something about Jason, but what? Will he take out a hit on Jason? “General Hospital” rumors say Sam may be kidnapped by the bad guys. Whatever it is, Rudge will take steps to get Jason under control and out of the new boss’ business, and that means JaSam is at risk!

“General Hospital” airs weekdays on ABC, and by the end of the week, there’s a surprise wedding no one expects. Plus, there still may be a tie between that minx Nelle and the new mobster.

Video of Jason and Rudge facing off:

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