“General Hospital” spoilers say Franco faces a tough road in the New Year as the prime suspect in the slaying of rapist Tom. The knife has his fingerprints, but Franco is innocent. The cops don’t agree.

Another bad arrest

Jordan is an abysmal police chief. She never arrests the right person, except Paul and Anna solved that. Jordan and her sloppy staff have the wrong guy when they finger Franco for Tom’s murder. Franco must solve the case himself. With Franco investigating this and Jason and Curtis investigating the car bomb, do we even need the PCPD? Nathan and Dante are only eye candy right now.

What Franco does next

Franco doesn’t want Elizabeth dragged into the murder mess and offers her an out. Elizabeth sticks with Franco after Laura gives her a lesson on loving a man with darkness inside. Franco finds evidence that shows Alexis might have slain Tom but hesitates to use it. Why? Franco had an epiphany about how badly he’s hurt Sam and knows this would hurt her again.

Evidence leads to Alexis

GH” spoilers say Alexis can’t remember what she did the night Tom died. Alexis tries to recall what happened and Julian comforts her and then gets her started with AA to dry out. Franco and Scotty team up to work the case. “General Hospital” spoilers from the week of January 9th say Franco is close to finding the killer and is in danger.

That tells you the killer is not Alexis.

More evidence against Franco

By mid-January, “General Hospital” spoilers say there’s more evidence against Franco. He doesn’t have an alibi since he was locked in a cage when Tom died, the murder weapon was his artist’s knife, plus more comes out.“GH” watchers know the killer will be someone disposable.

It could be Tom’s brother Seth, but that seems unlikely. It could be bad guy Rudge. Maybe Tom saw something he shouldn’t have.

What about Heather?

The only major character that could kill someone and stay on the show is Franco’s mom Heather. If Heather did it, she might have done so to punish Franco for recording her confession about Bobbie.

However, Heather recently complained the psychiatric prison is keeping a closer watch on her these days. Expect false leads, bad suspects, and trouble for Friz, then, the big reveal of Tom’s killer for February sweeps.

“General Hospital” airs weekdays on ABC but the Friday, December 30th episode will be an encore.

"GH" video - Franco kidnaps Tom:

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