“General Hospital” spoilers say Don Swayze is confirmed for a “GH” role as a guy named Buzz. Don is Patrick Swayze’s look-a-like brother and is the newest “General Hospital” cast member. Who is Buzz and what will he do while in Port Charles?

Buzz the homeless mystery man

The facts of this “GH” casting announcement are that Don debuts as Buzz on Thursday, January 5th and is part of the new mob boss story line. Buzz will be presented to “GH” watchers as a homeless man. “General Hospital” spoilers for the day Buzz debuts say Jason and Curtis are working the bomb case with very pregnant Sam.

The next day, the guys make a discovery at the pawn shop. Is Buzz involved? Why aren't the cops working the case?

Is Buzz a major character joining the cast?

Don is the younger brother of Patrick Swayze and a well-known character actor. He’s been on HBO’s "True Blood," "Criminal Minds," "Longmire," "Sons of Anarchy," "The Bridge," and many more primetime shows. Don also appeared on “The Young and The Restless” in 2010 as Shaw Roberts, and had a cameo on “Days of Our Lives” in 2011. He’s talented, but clues say he’s not a permanent addition to the “GH” cast.

Two days in January, and then?

“GH” rumors on Don’s character Buzz have run wild but the actor’s wife, Charlene Swayze, clarified on Facebook writing, “My husband will be appearing on General Hospital January 5th & 6th. So exciting!” She added, “He is playing a nice guy... Oops I can't say too much!” Don replied, “Thank you, sweetheart.. As for the spoiler… It could be wrong...” Don contradicted a tabloid rumor saying he’s the new boss.

Not the mob boss – 'GH' rumor debunked

The mob boss rumor is just loose talk. Don has only two days on "GH," according to his wife, and that’s not enough screen time to be the mystery boss, plus his wife says he’s not playing a bad guy. Since Buzz is homeless, it’s probable that he might have witnessed who put the bomb in Julian’s car. Jason and Curtis are still investigating the case and should run into Buzz soon.

General Hospital” spoilers say the next episode of “GH” isn’t until Tuesday, January 3rd, and then on Thursday and Friday, January 5th and 6th, Don will come and go as Buzz. The new Spinelli recast also shows up soon.

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