“General Hospital” spoilers for Franco say he’ll have an unmerry Christmas when things go badly after Tom the rapist escapes. Franco has a grim holiday experience that sees him getting the Ebenezer Scrooge “A Christmas Carol” treatment courtesy of a nightmare that shakes him up.

Tom free, Franco down for the count

We just saw that while Franco went to see Elizabeth at “GH”, Tom picked the lock on his dog cage and got loose. Unfortunately for Tom, Franco has the joint locked down tight and even though he’s out of the crate, Tom can’t get out the door.

With Tom screaming and hoping for help, “General Hospital” spoilers say it’ll be Franco that turns up to answer the call. Then, Tom gets the better of Franco and decides to get some revenge -- enjoying a little payback.

Tom flips the script on Franco

“GH” spoilers say that Tom turns the tables on Franco, and another spoiler says that something stops Franco from spending Christmas with Elizabeth. What’s not revealed yet is what Tom does to Franco. He might cage his nemesis, or more. Tom might knock him out.

No matter what happens, the reformed serial killer ends up unconscious and that’s when the epic “A Christmas Carol” nightmare happens. The spoilers say this is life-changing for Franco and he makes a big decision about his future with Elizabeth.

Scrooge and Franco

Scrooge got a visit from the three ghosts of Christmas past, present, and future. “GH” spoilers predict he will see different versions of himself – past Franco that was a sadistic serial killer, present Franco who likes to think he’s better, and future Franco who didn’t turn out so well.

After he lives through his Scrooge scenario, he’ll decide he needs to come clean with his lady love but as he’s ready to spill the beans, Dante announces Tom is dead. Franco then confesses his kidnapping to Elizabeth, but promises that the guy was alive when he left the art studio.

Ebenezer got a happy ending, Franco won’t

“General Hospital” spoilers for the new year say that Franco will be arrested for the crime and some “GH” rumors hint that it’s Franco’s mom Heather that might have 86’d the rapist to punish her son.

This means Don Harvey’s short, but memorable run as Tom the rapist is over.

Thumbs up to “GH” casting honchos for nabbing such a talented actor, who really put the creep in creeper. After his Ebenezer-esque experience, Franco is ready to change, but prison might stop him. Will Griffin and Elizabeth get too close while her honey’s in the slammer and put an end to Friz?

General Hospital airs weekdays on ABC.

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