This “General Hospital” spoiler is really a rumor but it’s an enticing theory. Given the amount of Chinese references with the bomb storyline, could it be a return of the Wu Triad to Port Charles? Is Brad Cooper’s biological mom back to make trouble?

Chinese hints all over this plot

There are many signs a Chinese mob force is coming to town. There’s the Chinese food bags. And did you notice today when Alexis handed Julian a Chinese menu? There’s also the Chinese red fabric of the shirt of the person watching Jason and Curtis.

Add to that the model of the Chinese junk (it’s a type of ship, not a guy’s privates) and the “General Hospital” writers are giving us clues this is not Olivia Jerome resurrected, but an Asian invasion into Port Charles. That’s good since the fewer Jeromes, the better.

More Chinese clues

There is also the fact that the call the night of the car bomb is linked back to China. There are Asian clues all over these “GH” spoilers. On today’s episode, the British pawnshop guy was serving tea in a distinctly Chinese-looking teapot.

There was a beige and golden dragon on the desk, too. Everything about this scenario screams “Chinese mob." But who could it be? Is it the Wu Triad? “General Hospital” watchers have complained they don’t see enough of Brad and Lucas and that might change.

The Wu cartel and Brad

Chinese by birth, Brad’s last name is Cooper because he’s adopted. He’s the biological son of Kim Wu and his birth family has big-time mob ties.

Last year, “General Hospital” spoilers said Brad’s biological mom was coming to town but it never turned into a thing. Perhaps it’s coming now.

Way back in 1985, Sean Donely had a run-in with Kim Wu and his granddad known only as “Mr. Wu”. The two Wu's also had overlapping plots with Anna, Robert, Robin, Frisco and others. Mr. Wu was running drugs out of a local cannery and wound up in prison.

Diversity is a good thing

Last year, at the mob summit where Michael went in place of wounded Sonny, there was a woman called “Ms. Wu of the Triad” there. She is assumed to be Brad’s biological mother. It’s an interesting and fresh take to bring in new rather than old characters.

Adding an Asian element to the mob plot sets up a rival for the Jerome and Corinthos cartels, offers more diversity in the cast, and an opportunity to bring back Brad and Lucas, Port Charles' favorite and never seen gay couple. These are just “General Hospital” rumors as of now, but we’ll see soon enough!

“General Hospital” airs weekdays on ABC.

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