“General Hospital” spoilers are working overtime about Nathan and Maxie’s New Year’s wedding and you won’t believe the rumors. “GH” spoilers from Facebook say a soap magazine leaked early and the fallout for the Naxie wedding is insane.

Maxie too sick to marry?

Maxie wakes sick with the flu on her big day. Nathan also wakes with a spectacular sense of dread. Neither are good signs. Maxie already had doubts about the wedding because Georgie and Spinelli couldn’t be there. Also, there’s a Spinelli recast coming!

The “General Hospital” spoilers from the leaked soap magazine say Nathan gets a call as he’s heading to the wedding that freaks him out. “GH” spoilers say Nathan’s divorce from Claudette isn’t final so he can’t marry Maxie.

Cat fight at the wedding

Nathan panics and Mac and Dante try to calm him but things go even more off track. Valentin is Nina's date to the wedding and Charlotte is with them when more drama ensues. Nina and Lulu argue over Charlotte and things explode.

Felicia and pregnant Robin break it up, but the wedding is circling the drain.

With Claudette missing, Nathan can’t finalize the divorce. Nathan and Maxie call off the Naxie wedding that “GH” watchers have been waiting to see for months now.

Another wedding instead?

The biggest “General Hospital” rumor is that another couple steps up to take Nathan and Maxie’s place so the wedding planning doesn’t go to waste. Who could it be? None other than Valentin and Nina!! Valentin is moving fast with Nina but why?

Valentin has a custody fight coming with Lulu. Nina married Ric to antagonize Lulu, and making her Charlotte’s official step-mommy is right up her alley. Also, Valentin may have already proposed to Nina at that point.

A wacky week ahead

Some “GH” spoilers say that Valentin will put a ring on Nina at Christmas, which would be Monday, December 26th. That might be a rumor, but other spoilers say he’s got plans for her, so who knows?

These “General Hospital” spoilers kick-off on Wednesday, December 28th. That’s when Nathan gets devastating news and it all goes wild after that. The action continues Thursday, December 29th, and perhaps into the following week since Friday, December 30th is an encore episode.

General Hospital” airs weekdays on ABC.

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