This “General Hospital” spoiler and rumor comes directly from Bryan Craig who seems to be hinting that he could be back to “GH” as Morgan at some point. If true, then our recast hopes are dashed and this is a waiting game. Is Bryan Craig just teasing fans for fun or is he rethinking his abrupt exit from the ABC soap to pursue a movie career?

Bryan Craig tweets, riles up fans

Last week, Bryan tweeted, “People need to calm haha. I’ll come through again and pick up right where I left off…..” This prompted a firestorm of replies from fans asking if he meant he’s coming back to “General Hospital” as the recently blown up Morgan Corinthos.

The next day, in response to the deluge of fan questions, Bryan tweeted, “Don’t get ahead of yourselves." Is this another case of an ex-soap actor messing with fans for fun and attention? Vanessa Marcil set off fans recently when she began tweeting pics and messages about Brenda and Sonny.

Is messing with fans fun?

It took a full month of soap drama to take Morgan from blown up to buried, with many “GH” watchers hoping for a resurrection or recast and another faction hoping that Morgan was really gone and will RIP for good.

There are other past “GH” characters back for Christmas, but not Morgan!

Vanessa Marcil stirred up “GH” fans to promote her upcoming non-soap project. Is Bryan Craig doing the same thing? Is he legitimately considering a return to the ABC soap or does he just want some love and attention piled onto him?

Hoping for the best

With no body found after the car Morgan stole blew sky high, “General Hospital” spoilers say that an eventual Morgan recast is likely but this has us wondering if the original actor might be back now that he found out how competitive it is out there in the non-soap acting world.

Morgan is missed and Bryan was doing solid work as the tortured young man before he abruptly left the show before his contract expired. Another looming questions is -- would Frank Valentini take him back after he quit before his contract was done?

For now, “General Hospital” spoilers say that Jason and Curtis are close to cracking the bomb case and it’s not Julian or Sonny that planted the bomb that killed Morgan.

A shocking “GH” twist reveals that Nelle is tied to the bomber and there’s a new mob villain in town!

“General Hospital” airs weekdays on ABC.

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