“General Hospital” spoilers and news say the rumors of “Days of Our Lives” actor Blake Berris landing a “GH role are true but it’s not who anyone expects. The rumors were that Blake was the recast of Morgan Corinthos just a few months after Bryan Craig left the role. But it’s not Morgan that Blake will be playing – it’s a beloved character and BFF of Sam and Jason Morgan!

Blake confirmed as Spinelli recast

For those who love Bradford Anderson as Spinelli, prepare for tragic news. Blake Berris landed the recast role.

Before you explode, this is the important part. It’s a temporary recast. The “DOOL” actor will appear in a few episodes in January. Bradford is usually thrilled to show up for a “GH” reprisal as Spinelli.

Recently we saw him officiate JaSam’s wedding and their baby isn’t due until February, so he’s probably back for the plot of the new mobster with the Asian ties. Bradford landed a role on Showtime’s “Homeland” and it was shot at the same time as the “GH” scenes so that’s why he stepped aside.

Bradford’s conflict is Blake’s opportunity

Blake Berris spent eight years on “Days of Our Lives” playing Nick Fallon and since leaving the show has been jam-packed with work. He’s done episodes of “Supergirl” and “Bones” plus some short films and two episodes on “Pretty Little Liars.”

Since Kimberly McCullough (“GH” Robin) directed episodes of “PLL” maybe that’s where Blake got the casting hookup for the episodes of “General Hospital.” Everyone loves Spinelli and adores Bradford in the role, so it seems strange they would recast rather than cut the scenes.

Two tweets then deletes

On December 12, Blake tweeted, “daytime fans. i have a little surprise for you.” Then when fans flipped out wondering if he was coming back to “Days” he tweeted, “remember I said little.” Some soap fans thought that meant he was announcing his recast as Morgan on “GH”.

Blake deleted both tweets and now we know that he was talking about his few episodes on “GH” so speculators got it right on the soap but wrong on the role.

We’re still waiting to find out who the Morgan recast will be that’s rumored for February sweeps.

For now, will “GH” watchers accept this recast of Spinelli with an open mind or will all hell break loose?

“General Hospital” airs weekdays on ABC.

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