“General Hospital” rumors say Franco has his sights set on taking down Tom the rapist -- and who can blame him? Except for Elizabeth, that is. Elizabeth is worried Franco will end up in Pentonville for threatening Tom. When the rapist turns up dead, Franco is suspected, but “GH” rumors say someone surprising has set up Franco.

Heather’s hijinks

Franco’s certifiably insane mother Heather is rumored to be the person that kills Tom, but she’s not doing it to make Franco or Liz’s life easier. This time, Heather may punish her son for what he did to her last month.

Franco recorded Heather confessing to the attack on Bobbie and Lucas.

Then he turned the recording over to the incompetent Jordan who couldn’t solve the crime without an assist from the local serial killer. Heather complained to Franco when he came to visit and said she’s been on lockdown and he ruined her life.

Mother knows murder

Heather is displeased and unhappy mom means murder.

Franco gave his mother information to use against him when he vented about Tom. He told her about his desire to make the guy a bloody torture art exhibit and Heather glumly listened.

Last year, Heather broke out of Miscavige to attack Bobbie to alibi Franco when she thought he was the “GH” killer. Now, Heather might break out to set Franco up, according to “GH” rumors. Heather can kill Tom and everyone will assume Franco did it since he publicly threatened to slaughter him.

Franco and Elizabeth over?

Lots of fans love Franco and Elizabeth but his rage at Tom has thrown a monkey wrench into their romance. She’s scared and Griffin comforts her. If this “General Hospital” rumor is true, Heather could kill to punish Franco. It’s easy to believe Heather might lash out this way since she did the same thing before to protect her son. He abandoned his mom by choosing Elizabeth when he played narc to the PCPD.

No one will mourn Tom, but if this wrecks Friz, many “GH” fans won’t like it.

“General Hospital” airs weekdays on ABC.

“GH” video promo shows disaster for Franco:

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