“General Hospital” rumors say Julian is not guilty in the bomb case or for Morgan’s death. All this bloodshed goes back to Nelle in a surprising way. Sonny and Julian are both the targets and this is a mob power grab coming to Port Charles.

Jason and Curtis follow the trail

Jason and Curtis have linked the bombing to Julian and the PIs think that’s why Julian fired Curtis. The evidence back to Julian is sloppy and that’s on purpose. The intent of this plot is to take down both Julian and Sonny.

The Derek Wells van was used but Julian is being set up, too.

Julian is taking orders from Oscar Jessup who might be Olivia Jerome back from the dead. It might also be a new enemy, but classic throwbacks are okay if done right.

How does Nelle tie into it?

Nelle is working for her father who is not dead. Her little orphan Nellie story is to make the Corinthos family feel sorry for her. However, Nelle’s dad is not the mastermind, he’s just a scumbag pawn. He’s lying to her and making her do what he wants.

Her dad sold Nelle’s kidney and is using her again. Her mission is not revenge against Carly for the kidney.

Nelle’s mission is to mess with Sonny so he’s off his game and isn’t watching his mob business. Without Jason backing him up, Sonny’s vulnerable.

What does the mastermind want?

This plot is about criminal power. Someone wants to take over the mob activity in Port Charles. To do that, they need Julian and Sonny out of the way. Morgan’s death was just collateral damage. By December 14, according to “GH” spoilers, we’ll find out more.

Jason and Curtis dig deeper into the case when they figure out Jason and Sonny are both being set up and they wind up in danger. One more “General Hospital” spoiler for that day says there is a new "unknown danger" lurking around town.

"GH" watchers expect that Morgan isn't really dead but a recast has not been announced. His disappearance, instead of death, might tie back to the bomb scheme and Nelle and he may have been kidnapped by the real bomber.

“General Hospital” airs weekdays on ABC.

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