Confirmed “General Hospital” Christmas spoilers say that three faces pop back up for the holidays, the holiday gala brings drama, a new bad guy flexes his muscles, one couple that seemed broken heats back up, and a murder may bring an unjust arrest.

Scorpio family reunion

News has been everywhere that Brooklyn Rae Silzer is back for Christmas in Port Charles but did you know that her mom Robin Scorpio is back, too? Michelle Stafford (Nina) tweeted a pic of her and Kimberly McCullough (Robin) running lines.

That means Anna will have a house full for the holidays with Griffin, Emma and Robin but guess who is not coming back for the holiday? Robert Scorpio will remain MIA. He said in a recent “Soaps in Depth” interview that he won’t be back on “GH”” for a while.

Julexis 2.0

Julian is out of the hospital and Alexis is care-taking. On December 21, Alexis gets her house ready for her homicidal hubby to come over.

Sam and Ava both suspect her motive, but it’s happening. Julexis isn’t dead yet! Julian takes advantage of the opportunity of being back in the house he bought for Alexis. On December 22, Julian gives Alexis a surprising gift and takes advantage of the holiday spirit to show her that he never stopped loving her. They’ll share a moment.

A Corinthos Christmas

Michael takes Nelle to the holiday gala to benefit Toys for Tots.

See the video below for a look at “GH” actors delivering the toys they gathered for the charity. It’s heart-warming to see the soap giving back to those in need. Against the sweet toy drive is a new mob villain in town.

Carly brings the family together for the holiday and that will be at the Corinthos house since Sonny’s got an ankle alarm on still. Sonny is still lying about sleeping with Nelle and this is made worse because Nelle is there with Michael for the holiday.

What a mess!

A Cassadine Christmas

Lulu knows Charlotte is her daughter now and she is ready to battle Valentin for custody of their daughter. Valentin is equipped to fight back and play dirty, but in the spirit of family and the holiday, “GH” spoilers say on December 22, Valentin takes the high road.

Nina spends Christmas at Wyndemere with her new boyfriend, but Lulu’s shared custody of Charlotte puts a crimp in Nina’s happy family dreams of motherhood. Valentin goes overboard to make sure Nina’s holiday is merry and she knows she’s loved.

An arrest looming?

It wouldn’t be Christmas in Port Charles without someone in jail and it might be Franco this year.

Franco kidnaps Tom next week with an assist from Kiki and cages and torments him. Tom survives but then goes missing, as reported by his brother Seth, and Franco is the prime suspect. Port Charles cops rarely arrest the right person, and Franco might have a holiday behind bars instead of with lady love Liz. There’s nothing firm on this yet, so Friz fans may yet see their favorite couple together for the holidays.

Momma comes back!

The other known holiday return is Robin Riker as Naomi Dreyfus, Hayden's greedy momma. Some "GH" watchers hoped that Liz was calling Jeff Webber to tell him that Hayden is dying, but it was a call to Naomi.

Naomi was arrested for the diamonds but she'll be back to see Hayden. Maybe her high-priced legal team got her off the hook or she gave the Feds some more dirt on Raymond Berlin.

“General Hospital” airs weekdays on ABC.

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