Bran Stark, one of the most enigmatic characters in the series of Game of Thrones, may be the person who can come up with all the truths. Bran has proved to be the ideal person to solve the great secrets of the series, due to his powerful attack. Just a few minutes ago, there were revealed some theories related to the extraordinary powers of this character, which reveals one of the main virtues of this powerful warrior. Next, we present a series of very logical theories around the powers of this great character, recently revealed by a magazine related to the series.

The great power of Bran Stark

From the beginning of the series, we have seen how Bran in his dreams entered the mind of his wolf. Over time and help, he started developing this power called (change of skins). With this power, he was able to defend many times, to the point where he achieved what no one else had ever achieved, to enter the mind of a human, in this case (Hodor). Then, with the training of the crow of three eyes, he was able to see the past visions through the trees and became a green psychic.

In one of his trips to the past, he apparently manages to call his father Ned, opening the theory that perhaps he may affect the past. After this, the situation happens with Hodor, where he changes skins dominating to Hodor, at the same time he was like a green visionary in a trip to the past, where he met with Hodor. Perhaps, to look at it in the past, while possessing it in the present caused the death of this character.

According to the magazine said, Bran himself may be the cause of all the events that triggered the present.

Does Bran know Aerys Targaryen?

We know that the father of Daenerys went crazy, he wanted to burn the entire city in ashes and for this reason Jaime Lannister killed him. Is Bran the cause of this Aerys madness? Like Hodor, he died pronouncing the words "Hold the door," the mad king died saying "Burn them all".

It is not unreasonable to think that Bran wanted to warn the king of his past mistakes and in this way caused his madness.

Bran, possibly the builder of the wall

Brandon the builder, that's the name of the first Stark, that character who built the wall 8,000 years ago, through which the seven kingdoms of white walkers are protected. Now that we know of Bran's powers, it is easy for us to think that the man named Brandon Stark is himself attempting in a journey of time to somehow defend the inhabitants of the seven realms.

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