Candace Cameron Bure, Jodie Sweetin, and many other fan favorites are back for Season 2 of “Fuller House” that drops on Friday, December 9 on Netflix. Fans cannot wait to dive into another season of the show and spoilers reveal that love will be in the air and D.J. will end up with either Matt or Steve by midseason. What else is known about the upcoming new episodes?

What's coming up in Season 2 of the Netflix reboot?

TVLine teases “Fuller House” spoilers that despite turning away both Matt and Steve in the Season 1 finale, D.J. will choose one of them in Season 2 and the writers were torn over which guy Candace Cameron Bure's D.J.

should choose. Additional teasers note that D.J. won't be the only one with a romance brewing, as Stephanie ends up connecting with Kimmy Gibbler's brother Jimmy for some steamy moments.

Kimmy and Fernando remain reunited, and “Fuller House” spoilers note that Stephanie's infertility will pop up again and she'll bond further with D.J.'s three sons. According to E! Online, viewers will see more of Bob Saget's Danny, Lori Loughlin's Rebecca, Dave Coulier's Joey, and John Stamos' Jesse in Season 2 as well. Nicky and Alex will be back for an appearance as well, but there is still no sign of Michelle.

Who else is returning in Season 2 of 'Fuller House'?

Additional “Fuller House” spoilers detail that viewers will get to watch the Tanners celebrate the holiday season this time around and fans can expect plenty of fun antics when it comes to this crew embracing Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas.

Candace teased that Matt is back to some extent as she shared a photo with him on Instagram and teasingly asked whether her fans were “Team Matt,” but viewers will have to wait and see if DJ truly ends up with Matt or if she'll reunite with her high-school boyfriend Steve after all of these years.

Will Candace Cameron Bure's character D.J.

Tanner end up with Matt or Steve? Could Stephanie really find love with a Gibbler? “Fuller House” spoilers hint that this will be another fun outing of the Netflix reboot and the binge-watching can begin on Friday, December 9.

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