Charles Band is a legendary name to anyone who is a fan of the horror genre. The founder of Full Moon entertainment—an indie movie production company that gained notoriety in the 1980s for their horror films and special effects makeup—Charles Band has remained active in the entertainment industry even after the closing of his famed production house. In December of 2016, Charles Band announced his latest project, a series titled “Ravenwolf Towers” that will release a new episode every full moon starting on December 13, 2016.

Fans of the 80s-era releases from Full Moon Productions should watch every episode keenly since Charles has made a point to work some of his movie’s most memorable—aka strange and weird—characters and creatures into each episode.


“Ravenwolf Towers” takes place in a Hollywood Hotel that was once opulent and beautiful. An incestuous family of lunatics dwell in the now dilapidated building and every episode chronicles the adventures of the hotel’s new assistant manager, Jake, who repeatedly finds himself in many bizarre and gruesome adventures.

As can be expected, guests have a habit of disappearing, monsters loom and lurk around every corner, and mad scientists use the building as a laboratory. The series melds classic horror themes with comedy in a way that fans of “Tales from the Crypt”, “Dark Shadows”, and “Twin Peaks” will surely appreciate. Overall, famed characters from about seven classic Full Moon Production films will appear in the series.

“Ravenwolf Towers” will air on Full Moon Entertainment’s Amazon Chanel. The first episode, “Bad Mary”, premiered on December 13. Moreover, the series will be released on DVD and Charles Band has promised to personally sign each and every copy. Helpfully to newcomer fans, the DVD includes a “Ravenswolf Origins” segment that show clips from the original movies which several of the Ravenswolf series’ characters premiered in.

For instance, the first episode of the series features a puppet that initially appeared in the 2005 film, “Doll Graveyard”.


“Ravenswolf Towers” was filmed on a budget and largely shot on a sound stage that took a month to build. The first three episodes—which were filmed over the span of a week and a half—are completed and are slated for release on the night of the full moon in December, January, and February. “We are definitely making seven episodes and are going to film more in April,” Full Moon CEO Charles Band declared. “Every episode has its own unique complexity and story arch; character interaction is central to the entire continuing plot.

I hope the fans like it. Some of the actors had to undergo more than four hours of makeup and prosthetics before we could start shooting.” Unsurprisingly, the series features mostly hand-made props and effects since Charles Band is not a fan of CGI and prefers to remain true to the classic hands-on effects that made many of the horror films of the 1980s cult classics. “Anyone who wants to check out our work should definitely subscribe to us on Amazon,” Charles stated. “We have been uploading a film a day on average so, right now, there are over 300 movies to choose from. We like to connect to our fans through the internet.

This is a whole new world from the video stores that we initially marketed to back in the 1980s, now it’s all about subscribers. The Amazon Channel didn’t even exist a year ago, and now it’s one of the staples of our company.”


Aside from the “Ravenswolf Towers” project, Full Moon Productions is currently in the process of producing their latest “Puppet Master” film and they are also preparing to shoot six horror-comedy films in their forthcoming “Evil Bong” franchise. “We are going to release seven or eight movies near year,” Charles Band stated. “It’s a busy time but, in this business, busy is good.”

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