Come January 2, immediately following celebrations for the New Year, freeform kicks its 2017 schedule off with returning favorite "Shadowhunters" and the two hour premiere of "Beyond." "Shadowhunters" will pick up only hours after where season 1 left off, while "Beyond" marks a first for Freeform by offering the full season available to stream at the same time it premieres its pilot.

'Shadowhunters' returns with season 2 tension

When the new season of "Shadowhunters" premieres on Freeform, the characters will be on high alert, trying to find Jace (Dominic Sherwood).

With the continuing threat of Valentine, and now losing Jace, the main group will also be facing tension with each other. Clary with her mother. Alec with Magnus and Clary. Simon with, well, all the Shadowhunters. Jace with werewolves and Valentine. With impending war, and a new person in charge of the Institute, expect a lot of chaos.

Clary (Katherine McNamara) will be facing a lot of family tension now that her mother has woken up, she knows her father is a homicidal psycho, and her love interest may very well be her brother.

Jocelyn (Maxim Roy) will learn quickly that the art student that Clary was, isn't the person she is now. As seen from recent trailers, Jace will be experiencing a lot of turmoil at the hands of Valentine, played by Alan van Sprang (who he describes sarcastically as 'father of the year'), and a group of werewolves. We received a brief introduction to fan favorite Maia (Aisha Wainwright) who also happens to be fighting with Jace, and appears to be winning.

Favorite couple Magnus (Harry Shum Jr.) and Alec (Matthew Daddario), lovingly dubbed Malec, will be among those experiencing tension. The end of season 1 saw considerable growth in their relationship, and Alec's character, when Alec publicly kissed Magnus before the Clave. However, don't expect their relationship to be all magic and sunshine. This is a drama, after all. Alec is desperate to get Jace, his Parabatai, back, and will be taking the loss of Jace the hardest.

He'll cope by pushing Magnus away, and blaming Clary for what's happened. That being said, don't get too down, there's still a lot of hope for the couple. The "Shadowhunters" writer's team is invested in the relationship.

"Shadowhunters" season 1 was one of identity and self-acceptance. Simon (Alberto Rosende) has always been Clary's best friend. His trip into the Shadow World wasn't his decision. So when he becomes a vampire, everything changes for him: his relationships, his home life, even going outside. It doesn't help that the new head forbids Downworlders from the Clave, leaving Simon to find a safe haven with Luke (Isaiah Mustafa).

Though, don't expect for this to be a simple solution, since werewolves and vampires don't exactly see eye-to-eye. Expect more tension between the two groups.

New show 'Beyond' premieres on Freeform, and streaming services

"Beyond" will air following "Shadowhunters" on January 2 with a two hour premiere. The show centers around Holden, a guy who wakes up from a 12 year coma to find he has unusual abilities, and a lot has changed in the world. Holden is played by Burkley Duffield ("House of Anubis"). His new powers will catch the attention of dangerous people. Despite his other-worldly abilities, expect the show to stay grounded.

"Beyond" will focus on Holden's emotional journey and discovery of this strange new world. It may be a sci-fi show, but it's described as a family drama with relationships of love, hate, and friendship.

Freeform will also provide a first for fans. As "Beyond" premieres, all ten episodes will be available for fans to stream on digital platforms. The Freeform president shared that they made a promise to fans to make content they love easily available. You can find the episodes on Hulu,, the Freeform app, and On Demand.

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