Getting torn apart by flesh-eating zombies on "The Walking Dead" could prove to be a career killer, but that isn't the case for Alexandra Breckenridge. The actress, who was killed off the zombie show during Season 6, will now join the cast of "This Is Us" in a recurring role.

The new role

Breckenridge will join "This Is Us" in the role of Sophie, a childhood friend of Kate Pearson. Played by Chrissy Metz, Kate has self-esteem and weight issues that she connects to her mother, so the character of Sophie will likely either provide an ally for Kate or reveal more about where Kate's struggles come from.

It's unclear when the recurring role will begin for the actress, but "This Is Us" has been met with critical acclaim, so it's a huge coup for Breckenridge's career. The comedy-drama airs on NBC on Tuesday nights.

Breckenridge isn't new to the spotlight. Besides starring on "The Walking Dead," the actress also played prominent parts in shows such as "Dirt," "The Ex List," and "American Horror Story." She has also voiced various characters on "Family Guy" and has a passion for photography.

Rick Grimes' love interest

Breckenridge is likely best known, however, for her turn as Jessie on "The Walking Dead." She first appeared in the Season 5 episode "Remember" as an Alexandria Safe-Zone member who gives supplies to Rick Grimes. It's later revealed that she's in an abusive relationship with Pete, who grows increasingly jealous as Jessie and Rick spend time together, before ultimately attempting to assassinate Rick in the season finale.

In Season 6, Jessie became more of a zombie killer herself as she plotted ways out of Alexandria with the crew after the zone became surrounded by zombies. She had to watch, however, as her son Sam was devoured by a pack of walkers as she held his hand. This resulted in her loss of will to live, and in turn, her demise to the walkers as well, spelling the end of Breckenridge's time on "The Walking Dead."

The midseason finale of "The Walking Dead" will air this Sunday.

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