The drama is never ending for the couple from "Flip or Flop." Now Christina El Moussa has hired a new nanny, and she is flaunting her all over social networks. The thing is she is sure this is one that her ex won't sleep with because she hired a good friend this time around. That might be a great decision for her.

Who did Christina El Moussa hire?

Christina actually hired her closest friend, which means that Tarek El Moussa won't be sleeping with her like he did the last nanny. Reports are that he fired the nanny before starting to hook up with her, but that doesn't mean that Christina isn't upset by it.

Reports are that it was all after they were already separated and moved on from each other.

Christina and the kids are now hanging out on vacation in Park City, Utah. She shared on Instagram with Bri DiGuiseppi and said, "Best friend (and nanny to my babes) anyone could ask for@bee_elise ❄️☃️." These two are really good friends, so she knows that Bri won't be hooking up with Tarek and will also take great care of her children. Christina likes having the help of a nanny for sure.

Tarek was dating Alyssa Logan, their former nanny, but he allegedly ended things with her recently.

Tarek and Christina actually ended their relationship back in May, but were quiet about it and didn't even tell any fans. They moved on and started dating other people. Tarek and Alyssa dated for a few months, and then he already moved on.

Reports are that Cristina is doing just fine in the dating department. She is dating Gary Anderson, who was the family contractor. They seem to be doing great, but for some reason, she hasn't been ready to go public with the relationship just yet.

It is unknown if Gary will be spending New Year's Eve with Christina El Moussa or not. It wouldn't be surprising if he heads to Park City to see her.

What do you think of who Christina El Moussa made the choice to hire as a nanny? Do you think that things will be better this time around? Sound off in the comments section below on your thoughts.

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