"Flip or Flop" stars Tarek and Christina El Moussa have left fans completely shocked after announcing on Monday that their marriage is over following a crazy and frightening blow up that went down last spring. Reports began spreading across the social media news outlets yesterday revealing that the loving, happy couple that appears in the hit HGTV series "Flip or Flop" are not what they have appeared to be. In fact, they have been fooling viewers by keeping their marital woes a huge secret for the past few months.

Tarek and Christina El Moussa have been fooling fans for months!

It is reported that things became very volatile between the couple during an argument last May involving guns and a feared suicide attempt. The fight went from bad to worse real quick and police were called to the scene by a concerned witness. Things continued to escalate according to TMZ reports that state that 11 police officers and a helicopter bombarded Tarek and Christina's Orange County home.

Witnesses described the scary incident saying that Tarek appeared wildly out of control and was seen taking a gun from the safe and fleeing out the back door onto a wooded trail.

Christina is said to have followed him out the door and was visibly shaking and crying hysterically.

Officers, with the aid of the chopper, quickly nabbed Tarek, who stated that he just needed to get away from the scene for a bit and had no intention of harming himself. He added that the gun was only for protection against rattlesnakes and mountain lions. How they mange to keep this hush for so long is amazing!

Was Tarek's excuse to cops just a quick lie?

The troubled relationship began to show itself on social media just recently after Tarek began only posting about his children and Christina's sister Carly on his Instagram. This appeared odd to some fans, who were used to seeing dedicated love songs and lovey-dovey talk from both on their social media pages.

However, the truth has been revealed that the two have been living apart since the May incident, despite recently bragging about their happy, fun-filled family day just weeks ago.

Today, a new report has surfaced revealing that Tarek and Christina's split was purposely kept hidden from viewers to keep them tuning in to see the happy couple they had all grown to love.

So, truth be told, viewers have been duped for the past several weeks. Were you fooled by the "Flip or Flop" fake relationship?

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