With a few weeks off, MTV has offered fans a chance to catch up on their newest action-drama-comedy hybrid via their app and their website. If you’re all caught up and ready for “Sweet/Vicious” to return with episode six, I’ve got a few teases for what you can expect in “Fearless.”

‘Fearless’ picks up immediately after episode five

The most recent episode, which aired in mid December, saw Jules and Ophelia taking on a pair of rapists just before Ophelia got snapped by someone’s cell phone camera. (If you haven’t watched “All Eyez on Me,” sorry to have ruined the ending for you, but what are you waiting for?!) “Fearless” picks up nearly immediately after the events of that episode.

What does this mean? Well, when a masked person with a knife is spotted going after a student on a university campus, and it makes it onto social media, you can probably imagine the actions that are taken next. The campus, and the town surrounding it, are placed on lockdown as both the campus and town’s law enforcement attempt to ferret out the person responsible.

Harris has an idea

Harris is continuing to investigate the vigilante on campus, and he’s pretty sure who knows who this crime fighter is. Ophelia isn’t going to be very happy with his idea about said vigilante and she’ll put herself in a dangerous position to put a stop to his investigation.

Of course, Harris’ partner in his efforts, the campus security officer Barton, is also following up some leads, and he makes a discovery of his own.

Ophelia is the best friend Jules could ask for

Without spoiling any episode specifics for you, Ophelia proves on at least four separate occasions in “Fearless” that she just might be the best friend Jules could ask for. Sure, Ophelia is impulsive and reckless, but she’s also looking out for Jules in a way that no one else is.

Again, she puts herself in a dangerous spot to help out her new best friend.

Nate is a ruiner

Oh, Nate. What is there to say about Nate? Kennedy’s boyfriend (not to mention Jules’ rapist) pops up at the most inopportune time possible in the episode. He seems to have a bit of a knack for making things difficult for Jules whether he realizes it or not.

We already know he doesn’t seem aware that what he did to Jules was wrong, but his mere presence has been enough to put the friendship between Jules and Kennedy on the rocks. His presence in “Fearless” will also have consequences for other relationships in Jules’ life.

Eliza Bennett owns this episode

As much as I genuinely love Taylor Dearden as Ophelia on a regular basis, and I think her work as Ophelia in this episode is great, it’s Bennett who really knocks it out of the park.

While Ophelia is busy taking huge risks in this episode, Jules is stuck in a situation that she seemingly can’t get out of without changing everything. As a result, Bennett gives some of the best emotional performances of the season so far.

She has two different scenes that will mess you up, and in the coming episodes, she’s only going to get more.

Sweet/Vicious” returns with “Fearless” after “Teen Wolf” on MTV on January 3. New episodes will air Tuesdays at 10PM.

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