"Fences" the acclaimed movie by Denzel Washington had a limited release in New York and Los Angeles this past weekend.

The movie that stars Viola Davis, Denzel and Stephen Henderson has reviewers raving about it being the best movie of 2016 and on top of that, possibly the best performances in the last 20 years.

IMDb listed the top reviews for a movie that is climbing in popularity ahead of the main Christmas Day release. US audience response has been excellent. Those who were lucky enough to catch the early releases have only good things to say about a movie that some people felt would only reach a marginalized audience.

'Fences' is a must see movie on Christmas day

The movie, which is Denzel Washington's third theatrical film directed by him was based on August Wilson's Pulitzer Prize-winning play from 1985. Denzel and Viola both acted in the 2010 Broadway revival winning many accolades at the time. It's been three years since Denzel spoke to Empire, the film magazine and said that he was considering the idea of both starring in, and directing a screen adaptation of "Fences." According to fantastic reviews, this movie was well worth the three-year wait, so Christmas day could best be spent at the cinema taking in some extraordinary screen.

The movie plot is all about a Negro League Baseball player who found his dreams and aspirations dumped in the garbage that he later has to work with as a waste collector.

Denzel plays the African-American father who battles with USA race relation issues as he tries to raise his family in the 1950's. He has a lot to come to terms with in his life and the portrayal of this rather sad but not uncommon scenario from those times has been described as "powerful!"

What the reviews are saying about 'Fences'

Some of the top reviews include The York Daily News who described Denzel's acting as "a career-best performance, as a loving, bullying, wounded, roaring bull of a man." US Weekly raved about the acting, saying that Viola and Denzel will still be talked about years from now, as their performances were "towering."

Christy Lemire, William Bibbiani and Alonso Duralde reviewed the play that was made into a movie on Youtube.

While they were critical of the fact that much of the film "Fences" comes across as a 'play' this was not seen as a put-down by at least one top film reviewer. The Wrap wrote, "Can you tell it's a play? Absolutely. Does that mean a damn thing? Not when the writing is this richly evocative, and the cast so often soars with it."

Collections and projections for 'Fences'

While "Fences" is not going to take the blockbusting title away from "Rogue One: A Star wars Story," the limited release of the movie saw better attendance than originally projected.

Deadline reported that "Paramount’s Fences rose its per theater to $32,3K for a $129K take at five New York and L.A. theaters." They also reported that while it is hard to predict box office collections at this time, the Christmas day unlimited release is "expected to gross $9 million in its first two days of screening.

Watch the official trailer of 'Fences' below

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