This year’s most anticipated movieRogue One: A Star Wars Story” opens in theaters nationwide on Friday, December 16th. Years ago, when “Batman’s” Joker mused, “Wait until they get a load of me,” audiences were highly entertained by Jack Nicholson’s performance. This time, it’s probably safe to say, “Wait until you get a load of Jyn Erso.” Cool aliens aside, who needs a black helmet-wearing, intimidating, glaring figure with a chick like her in this nail-biting thriller? Left to fend for herself after her father Galen is whisked away, Jyn artfully displays survival skills of the fittest.

Welcome to the golden era of Felicity Jones

British actress Felicity Jones, who plays the role of Galen Erso’s daughter Jyn, describes her journey to this sure-to-be blockbuster as pretty interesting. The 33-year-old Jones, who received a best actress Oscar nod for her role as Stephen Hawking’s wife Jane in the biopic “The Theory of Everything,” has a full plate these days. She has appeared opposite Tom Hanks in the film “Inferno,” and will soon be seen again as a single mom facing a terminal illness in “A Monster Calls,” which is set to hit theaters December 23rd.

May the force be with Jyn Erso

As for now, Felicity Jones is excited about the chance for “Star Wars” fans to see her character beat the crap out of any baddie who crosses her path.

The action-packed demands of “Rogue One” took the star back to her childhood tomboy days. Growing up with a brother has apparently helped to prepare Jones for toughness. She says the two of them would go swimming and hurl themselves off of a diving board when they were young.

As for acting roles, Jones says she much prefers running and fighting since they are easier than producing tears for emotional scenes.

There is somewhat of a teaser regarding Jyn's psyche in that she is a person who builds up barriers to protect herself. Supposedly, the character of Jyn is not really part of the rebellion or war, but viewers may not get that impression once they see her in action.

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