Fans of the "Gilmore Girls" series received a Black Friday treat last week when four new episodes to the series were released. The episodes brought back numerous members of the cast whether for a brief cameo or for more lengthy work. Of course, the two mainstays were Lorelei and Rory, the namesake mother and daughter who the series has followed ever since its original release.

Fans shocked by the ending (plot spoilers!)

In a shocking ending to the four episodes Lorelei and Rory were sitting at the town's gazebo following Lorelei's recent marriage to Luke. Rory, in what I will call a clear plot contrivance, gets a text from her official boyfriend Paul.

He dumps her and conveniently mentions an "ever-conflicting schedule," a detail that I think is very important based on what happens next. Rory then says she wants to remember every detail of Stars Hollow before a few moments of silence follow that gets broken with the following sequence:

Rory: "Mom?"

Lorelei: "Yeah?"

Rory: "I'm pregnant."

The show cuts to credits and the online debate ensues about just who exactly the father is. The 'suspects' in the mystery are Jess, Paul, Logan, and wookie-hookup mystery man. With the latter, it's pretty clear that he's not the father, because of the timing. For example, Maggie Pehanick in a December 1st article points out that "Hypothetically, if she were pregnant with the Wookiee's baby, she would be about six months along, but despite her baggy clothes, she's not exactly showing any major bumpage in that final scene."

In regard to her boyfriend's message, I think the timing of the Paul text saying that they are "ever-conflicting" is a clear clue that he's not the father.

You can say what you want about possibilities, but the best way to analyze film and literature mysteries is not with real-world physics. Writers give clues in their work and a text like that immediately before a bombshell like the "I'm pregnant" line isn't a red herring in my view. Paul's text is meant as a literary kind of clue to take him out of the equation as the potential father, it's a message to the audience that he's not the one.

That leaves Jess and Logan and I discount Jess mainly for plot reasons as well. Jess, at one point in the final episode, looks like he is going to sleep over at Rory's and Lorelei's but instead he decides to leave while it's still day time. Him voluntarily taking himself out of Rory's home instead of sleeping over suggests that he's not trying to get with Rory and that their romance from early seasons is nothing but ancient history.

This is despite his in-window longing glance at Rory as he leaves.

Potential plot twists (if there's more episodes)

There are some other red herrings to gossip about. For instance Paris asks if her and Doyle are having an affair in what was the spring episode if I recall. It comes across as a joke when spoken, but now takes on some red-herring meaning in hindsight. Speaking of Paris, her profession involves matching surrogate mothers to wannabe fathers. Rory does express a passing interest in becoming a surrogate but is dismissive of it.

When it comes to TV stuff, there's always the possibility of a twist. Any gaps in the timeline could be filled with "maybes" and "what-ifs." Furthermore, artistic license means they could pull a "Dallas" on us and claim that everything we just saw was just a dream.

However, if we keep things real then Logan is the main 'suspect' in the case of the pregnant Gilmore girl. If he is the father it creates a situation where Rory is pregnant by a man who lives overseas with another woman. That's certainly not how Lorelei's pregnancy went with Rory, but with the ending to "A Year in the Life" the theme of pregnancy drama does go full circle and remain resilient in Amy Sherman-Palladino's critically-acclaimed series.

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