"Empire" is the smash hit fans count down to every Wednesday night. The show is addicting! Lucious and Cookie are either loving each other or sabotaging each other, but don't let anyone else even think about coming after one of them! They will stand by each other right, wrong or indifferent.

Season 3 has been action-packed. There is always some drama going on as we watch Jamal go deeper into drug addiction after being shot. Andre is spinning out of control without his wife and trying to gain footing to find his way. Hakeem is the same mess he has always been and hasn't stepped too far out of line this season.

With only two episodes left before the very long break, we can count on things heating up. Episode 8 (which airs December 7th) is called "The Unkindest Cut." On December 14th we will see episode 9 called "A Furnace For Your Foe." We know from the sneak peeks they showed at the end of episode 6 that Lucious wants to put a cord around his Momma's neck.

When will the show return?

"Empire" will be gone until March 22, 2017. That is almost three months of no Lyons! No sneakiness by Lucious, no outbursts by Cookie. No awesome music and performances by the talented cast and their guests.

The viewers each week for the show are declining. The show started out this season with viewers numbered at 10.87 million.

Almost every week there has been a drop, putting episode 7's viewers at only 7.84 million. That is a substantial decrease and advertisers will notice.

What does this mean for the future of 'Empire'?

The writers and directors will be working extra hard during the break. By the time the show does come back, not only will we be ready for our Lyons fix, they will be prepared to shock and stun us.

It will be good! They will be looking at what could be causing the drop in viewers. The changes in the storyline, such as Cookie and Lucious each moving on from each other. Could there possibly be a reunion between the two?

The use of big name stars is another way to draw more viewers. "Empire" has always been great about having top names perform on the show, but we may see an increase.

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