In the film, "The Plan to Eradicate the Saiyans" an enemy wanted to exterminate all warriors from the Vegeta race. The enemy wants to take revenge because Vegeta's race eliminated all his friends and the entire race of his planet. Goku, Gohan, Trunks, Piccolo and Vegeta protect planet Earth and travel to the planet of the enemy. This enemy has powers and his specialty is to use magic.

The evil warrior investigated many evil fighters who had already died and used their magic to create warriors like all the evil fighters who had already died.


Goku arrives at the planet called Dark. Vegeta challenges the enemy, but this evil warrior ends up transforming and is stronger than all. Goku does not know how to defeat the evil warrior and then a Fairy makes its appearance and helps Goku.

The Fairy

The Fairy leads Goku and indicates the weak point of the evil warrior. The fairy is trapped by the tentacles of the enemy and Goku tries to help her. Finally, our beloved character threw all his power to the maximum and managed to destroy the tentacles and main base of the enemy.

The story ends when Goku charges her friend Fairy. Goku is undoubtedly the most powerful character and always has new friends. When Goku was small he also met a Fairy.

In this film, Vegeta's son from the future participated to help his friends. All the characters who died in other films referred to the series make their appearance. The film of this magician, at the moment is not dubbed into Spanish with the original voices of Latin America - it is only translated into Spanish audio of Spain and even this has been translated in other countries.

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But the main voices of our beloved characters, are not the originals.

Without a doubt, all the films of Goku are very entertaining. To finish this note, then we leave you with the video in which you can appreciate the above mentioned, it should be noted that this film has three alternative endings. Goku's encounter with the fairy was one of them. Thanks for reading this article. Do not forget to leave your Comment.