The Trunks saga has reached its end

There are now only a few more loose ends to tie up, including time travel, timelines, parallel worlds, the new home of Mai and Trunks, and other matters. Now, we are at the beginning of a new saga, and at this point in time, it's not yet known if this new saga will be an original of Toriyama’s, or whether it will ultimately be more filler. However, we can analyze some content and the characters that could make an appearance.

As everyone knows, one of the most underused characters in the new series of "Dragon Ball Super" is Gotenks.


While Goten and Trunks have appeared in all sagas, they have not been emphasized enough either individually, or in a fusion as Gotenks. For one reason or another, other characters have always been more prominently featured, especially Goku and Vegeta. It is obvious that in the last saga, we are talking about a different and more adult character.

Goten and Trunks

Gotenks did not make many appearances and always was easily defeated, even when he came to fight Bills, the God of destruction. Now, officially or otherwise, the next arc will start with a baseball tournament organized by Shanpa.

Maybe it’s time for Goten and Trunks to have a significant role. Let’s remember that Hit will be there as well, hired by some stranger to eliminate Goku. This seems to be the perfect moment for Gotenks to show up. Today, the cover of the box that contains the DVD with Monaka Saga comes out, in which Gotenks appeared briefly (see the picture in the gallery).

Gotenks may appear when Hit tries to eliminate Goku. This could be during the Shanpa’s Baseball tournament. Perhaps in the next sagas Gotenks, Goten and Trunks could be given more prominence, considering Akira Toriyama has declared that “the children are in their best moment” and that is because he drew them that way, with such a rough aspect and older look.

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In the next episode we will see Arale fighting against Goku and Vegeta. After that, we will see the beginning of this new idea of Shanpa, to compete against Bills.