What can fans expect?

Since the announcement of the new original content for "Dragon Ball Super," many fans have been caught up in speculation regarding the new transformations, villains, and even talking about the Great Priest as being responsible for the conspiracy against the Zenos. However, there is nothing official in all this. This sleeve is sure to present in February, remember that it is still close the Trunks saga of the future, which surely will occupy another chapter of the manga. There are so many things to develop that maybe the January manga is double (hopefully).


We would not like to see pages that summarize the whole ending as happened with the arc of the tournament of universes 6 and 7.

Returning to the subject of the new bow, from what we could see, each destroying god will be accompanied by the Kaio Shin of his universe. That's why we could see Bills and Kaio Shin of the 7th universe in a vignette. On the other hand we could see Shanpa on the other side of Bills and the Kaio Shin of universe 7, along with the Kaio Shin of universe 6, which is the same one we saw in the tournament between universes 6 and 7.

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The fact that they are facing each other is because on each side there are 6 destroying gods with 6 Kaio Shins, opposite are the gods of destruction and the Kaio Shin of the twin universes. Here we will see Gowasu representing the universe 10.

Who will be the destroying god of the universe 10, the one who lost his life (apparently), in the timeline in which Gowasu died? Let's take into account that we will see at the beginning of this tournament 10 unknown gods of destruction and 9 Kaio Shins.

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The fact that there is only 1 Kaio in each universe and not 4 (as there were in the universe 7) still catches our attention, and there is no coherent explanation of this difference between the other universes and the universe 7. Another question that remains is whether or not 10 assisting angels and teachers of the other universes will also appear in this upcoming saga. Only time will tell.