As we all know, the arrival of February will bring with it a new, original storyline from Akira Toriyama. This story will center around the Tournament of the 12 Universes, in which, as far as we know, the losing universes will be eliminated. But while we wait for this new saga, which we expect to last at least 6 months considering the amount of characters to be introduced, we bring to you some new details about the current Hit mini saga. Let’s take a look:

Hit’s new target

Hit is sent to Earth to eliminate Goku, an objective that he partially accomplishes, since we know that the ki blast that the Saiyan launched just before he died, will eventually change its course and return to him to hit his chest, bringing Goku’s heart back to life.


Although the fans are increasingly detecting inconsistences in these kinds of techniques, it would seem that the audience is more focused on Hit’s new abilities, such as his new and amazing “blur” skill which makes him virtually immune to attacks, and also the way he improved his time-warp technique. What we still don’t know is who hired Hit to kill Goku, but what we do know, according to V-Jump magazine, is that Vados is the one that acted as the liaison between the true client and the legendary assassin.

But who would make such a request?

Let’s recount

Goku knows that Hit is on his way to kill him; even Whis knows this and implies that it is part of his training. Vegeta tries to get the truth out of the angel with no success, since he knows that if Beerus finds out, things can go horribly wrong. So, we know that Beerus can’t find out about this matter, and Goku can’t be resurrected yet because the Dragon Balls have been used recently, and the Super Dragon Balls are still unusable.

What we still don’t know is that Shenron can be summoned again to grant the still pending wish from the last time he was summoned, so that Goku may be revived should he try to face Hit again and die.


We also know that Namek’s Dragon Balls can be used, but Beerus surely is unaware of their existence. Our theory points to Goku asking Whis to hire the legendary assassin to kill him, as a new way of training. This way Goku would have a fight off the books with Hit once more, prior to the Tournament of the 12 Universes, with no limits.