Since the announcement of the new storyline for "Dragon Ball Super," many fans have been speculating the possible new transformations, villains, and even the High Priest conspiring against the Zenos. Still, we have no official confirmation about this whatsoever, and the only data we can count on, is from a few images seen in the new official video where we can see part of Toyotaro’s manga artwork.

What is to come?

Surely this manga will be presented in February, since the format still needs to give closure to the Future Trunks storyline, which will probably take one more edition.


There are still many things that need to be developed in the manga’s storyline, so maybe the next tome is double one. We would like to see some pages to summarize the end, as it happened with the Tournament of the 6th and 7th Universes.

Coming back to the subject, it would seem that each God of destruction will be accompanied by that Universe’s Supreme Kai, and that may be the reason why we’ve seen Beerus with the Supreme Kai in the same image. We’ve been also able to see both Beerus and Champa, along with both Universe 6 and 7 Supreme Kai's, which was the same as we’ve seen in the Tournament of both universes.

It would seem that the reason why Beerus and Champa are always fighting has to do with the fact that the universes were given birth in mirrored pairs, so we may expect the other Gods of destruction to have the same relationship with their mirror universe. We can also expect Gowasu to stand as the 10th Universe Supreme Kai.

Who may be the God of destruction of Universe 10, the one that apparently died in the timeline in which Gowasu died? We must consider that in the next tournament we will see 10 new Gods of destruction, and 9 new Supreme Kai's.


The fact that there are 4 Kai's in Universe 7 and just 1 in the rest is still quite intriguing, since we have been unable to find an explanation that makes sense or justifies this difference with the other universes.

And what about the remaining Gods of destruction’s assistants?

Another still pending question has to do with the 10 Angels that should assist them. Who and how might they be?