Without any doubt, Hit has become one of the most popular, interesting, and important characters the entire series, and this is because the legendary assassin of the 6th Universe has an overwhelming power, being equally strong or even stronger than Goku and Vegeta. There’s been more than one time in which the Saiyans found themselves in trouble when facing this character that has already put himself in the halls of glory of the whole franchise, and we are certain that he will not be forgotten after a few sagas.


It is obvious by now that Toei Animation has decided that Hit must be one of the main characters of the story, and this is why he has made his prelude to the Tournament of the 12 Universes organized by the Zenos in this fill-up saga, as anticipation of what is to come.

Now, after his last appearance, there have been some questions regarding his time jump technique, and his complex mechanics.

Let’s analyze it

Vados explained that Hit not only jumps in time, but that he can store that time and use it whenever he wants, creating an alternate reality.

This reality has nothing to do with timelines, but with a parallel world that only he has access to, since he is the one that creates it. In that world he has the ability to do as he wishes with the person that is imprisoned with him (as we have seen in the episode in which he assassinated a millionaire). It is as if this parallel reality has the effect of “freezing” time, excluding him and the target of his wish. Of course, this place can only be created for a limited amount of time, which is the amount he has stored from previous time jumps.


This is also the setback of the technique, since he cannot use this technique all the time, but only as long as he has time stored, and when depleted it becomes useless. As we have seen, Goku was able to break this “time prison” with his Kamehame Ha, although he was unable to defeat the assassin.

To conclude

Hit really has some murderous techniques that only a warrior such as Goku has the ability to predict and control (discarding Whis and Beerus, and those of the kind, of course). We believe that Vegeta can eventually figure out how to beat the assassin’s techniques, but Goku is always the first in doing so.

For now we can expect the very next episodes to continue this fill-up saga until February, when the new official Akira Toriyama content is released and the Tournament of the 12 Universes begins. This saga should introduce 139 new characters, which should be split along the remaining universes. Will they be as strong as Hit is?