The new storyline of Dragon Ball Super, does not stop giving us surprises. Every time new and impressive information is presented on what we will see in this anticipated saga. The new story arc, as well as new rules of the tournament was released on December 17, along with a short trailer.

A few days ago, the official poster of this saga had already been announced, in which the 10 participants of the universe 7 could be appreciated, as well as the two Zeno and Daishinkan, a character that seems to have a major role in this saga.


This poster officially confirmed that the next saga, if it would be the universal tournament, in which the existence of the universe will be at risk 7.

The trailer

Now let's analyze the trailer, which has undoubtedly been shocking. This trailer is composed of images of the manga, the first thing that shows us is a Goku, who is talking to the 2 Zeno, who look quite happy. It is not a mystery that Zeno likes this kind of tournaments. The most exciting is what appears next, a kind of tournament initiation ceremony.

You can see the 2 Zeno in the foreground, followed by the 12 gods of destruction, who are bowed in a sign of respect to Daishinkan, who is walking through the middle of them.

The 12 gods of destruction will be accompanied by the Kaioshin of their respective universe, you can also appreciate that the gods will use a kind of white clothing, which does not let us appreciate their aspects very well. At first glance you can see that there are gods of different heights and sizes; This confirms that not all the gods of the destruction are shaped like felines like Bills and Champa. In the following image Bills and the Kaioshin of the universe can be appreciated briefly.



Rules of the tournament of the 12 universes.

  1. The team must consist of 10 participants.
  2. The universe of the losing team will be destroyed.
  3. There will be fights as a couple.
  4. For the beginning of the tournament, the destroying gods must be accompanied by the Kaishin.
  5. If a fighter resigns the fight, it will be destroyed.
  6. No destructive god must interfere in the tournament, otherwise it will be destroyed.
  7. The fighter who lacks respect for any of the 2 main gods, his universe will be destroyed immediately.