With episode 72 of "Dragon Ball Super" closing out the year, fans have an all new year, and an all new slate of episodes to look forward to in 2017, showing us a very interesting plot. First, we are going to see the mini Hit saga, in which the legendary assassin of Universe 6 is hired by an unnamed source to kill Goku. Nevertheless, we later discover that it was really the same saiyan of the seventh universe who contracted the legendary one for murder, to fight indirectly against all his forces.

The universal tournament

In this new year that approaches, a new and epic saga is on the way.


There will be a new plot for this upcoming saga centered around the tournament of twelve universes organized by the two Zeno-sama's, that is to say, the of the present who granted the button to Gokú, and also to the Zeno of the future, who did not have a better option than to travel using the time machine, and to come at once to the present world. Both have agreed, and, together, they will usher in one of the largest events ever to take place in the entire series: the tournament of the 12 universes.

The most powerful angel

Daishinkan-sama, the most powerful angel of the 12 universes, will also be involved somehow in the upcoming plot. Either way, there will be much to look forward to following the resolution of the saga of Future Trunks. There is certainly going to be a lot of action, and a lot at stake, as the universe that ultimately loses the tournament will be destroyed. To be honest, the stakes do not get any higher than this, and it will certainly provide the characters with more than enough motivation to succeed and do well in the upcoming tournament -- their lives, and the fate of their universe depend on it.


The 12 gods of destruction

For the present time, only two of them are known -- Sod and Beerus, belonging to the universes six and seven, respectively. A fan of the series tried to reflect how one would see the rest of the gods with his respective angel and supreme kaiosama, whose image you can see in the gallery of photos.