Apparently, for the mini Hit saga, Goku's killer will have at least 2 episodes. The rest of the episodes filtered so far (73 and 74) seem to have to do with Gohan. So let's move on to what the first vision of episode 71 left us.


In the first place was a rather entertaining episode that incorporated humor, suspense and action. What is most striking is that before starting, the episode had a kind of epilogue where we could see the death of Goku. Of course, then the chapter began telling the story from the beginning and just over the end we saw what really happened.


Apparently Goku behaves strangely, because he feels the presence of someone or something but does not know who or what. Gohan and Goten notice this and chase it around the city, where Goku inadvertently ends up encountering extremely strange sequences in search of that something or someone -- an unknown energy.

Finally, we see how Hit gets into what could be the Earth of the Universe 6 or some planet where we see a city very similar to the style of "Dragon Ball GT," in fact the characters that appear are very similar to "Dragon Ball GT." We refer to a strange millionaire and his bodyguards that are mocked by Hit, while the millionaire ends up dead.

Hit steals a jewel and gives it to some kind of machine, is this the machine that contacted Vados to require Hit's special services? For what purpose? While all of this is going on, Vegeta trains with Wiss in the planet of Bills to try to surpass the Super Saiyajin Blue phase.

The truth is that Hit finally arrives on Earth and meets Goku, fighting for a few sequences (Goku becomes Super Saiyajin Blue), but finally Hit uses his invisible technique and manages to defeat the Saiyajin. Already in the advance, we see how in reality Goku is saved by the sphere of energy that he generated before he died, which eventually leads him to come back and face Hit. And most impressive of all is that Bills arrives on Earth.


Can we finally see a fight between Bills and Hit?

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Below is a preview of chapter number 72: