The edition number 18 of the official manga has the name “The True Identity of Black Goku." In Zeno’s world, Goku chats with the High Priest who remarks on the lack of formality in his clothes, but Whiss intervenes, saying that the hurry was such that they didn’t have time to dress properly for the occasion. Then Whiss reveals to Goku (as far as he knows) that the High Priest is the strongest warrior in that world, apart from Zeno himself, but he also warns Goku not to ask him to fight yet since the High Priest is too strong for him.


Then, Goku asks Whiss if the High Priest can help them out in the battle against Black, but Whiss answers that like the High Priest, he is an Angel and that they are not allowed to intervene in such events, and must remain neutral. This answer surprises Goku, since he didn’t know that Whiss is an Angel and pitties the fact that he must remain neutral. After that, Whiss warns Goku not to mention the situation to the High Priest, since he may inform Zeno about the events in Trunks' future and may resolve to destroy the whole of Universe 7.

After that

Goku and the rest finally meet Zeno, and the events happen in the same way they did in the anime. Goku asks about the tournament of the 12 Universes, but Zeno shows no interest in that and answers him “we’ll see about that later, now let’s play." One of the differences between the manga and the anime is that in the paper platform the guards charge against Goku for his disrespectful manners, but Zeno stops them and warns them to remain silent or else he will destroy them. The guards apologize, and then Goku leaves with the button to call Zeno in his hands.

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The High Priest is pleased with how Goku’s visit ended and says that he is an interesting friend, and that he wants to see him again. While all this happens, Zamasu visits Zuno and asks the same questions we’ve seen in the anime.

In the meantime, Beerus is waiting for Goku and the others to return from Zeno’s world. When they finally arrive, Goku tells the God of destruction about the visit, and asks him if he can be Zeno’s friend, but Beerus strongly refuses.


They return to earth to find out about Black’s true identity.

Supreme Kai learns about the events of the future, and that he is dead there. Beerus keeps thinking that Kibitz is responsible for what happens in Trunks' future and that he may eventually become Black, but in his defense Kibito reveals that Zuno was visited by Zamasu and that he asked many questions about the Super Dragon Balls. They realize that Zamasu found out about the Super Dragon Balls because someone uploaded the Tournament of the 6th and 7th Universes to the God-Tube. Beerus didn’t know about Zamasu, who is presented as an apprentice of a Supreme Kai.


After that, Kibito continues his explanation, adding that Zamasu also asked Zuno about Goku and how can he switch bodies with him. At this point, everyone realizes that Black is Zamasu, especially Whiss.