As we have said in our previous notes, this Hit mini saga will only last two episodes. This means that for episode 72 we will have a new mini story with Gohan as the main protagonist, and it seems as though he will be putting on the suit of the Great Saiyan once more. Now, the question is: did Toei Animation forget that they’ve already done a fill-up episode in the past with Gohan in similar fashion?

Let’s analyze the episode

Official synopsis of episode 72

Title: Gohan’s disgrace! The Great Sayaman becomes a movie?

Synopsis: Evil cannot be left unchecked nor forgiven, so the ally of justice, the Great Sayaman, appears once more.


Unexpected events put Gohan in a good mood. The Great Sayaman and Hercule will have a battle for the records in a movie. The Great Sayaman will be voiced by the actor Bari Quad, but Gohan wants to replace him in the high risk scenes.

This week: the Elite patroller Jaco and his big mistake

While escorting the dangerous criminal Watagasshu, Jaco stops his ship near a ramen shop in space, and while distracted, the criminal manages to escape. It would seem that the idea of the Great Sayaman movie was taken from an old episode of "Dragon Ball Z," with the difference being that in that episode there was no battle between the Great Sayaman and Hercule.

On another subject, we have some news about Jaco, the Elite Space Patroller, who’s been away from the screen lately. It would seem like he will have to figure a way to re-apprehend the vicious criminal Watagasshu, after a slight distraction.

We still are not sure how many episodes will feature Gohan as the main character, but at least we expect to have some explanations regarding why he decides to enter the tournament organized by the Zenos. We also aren’t certain of how many episodes are left before the new content begins.


What we do know is that there will not be 4 episodes, so we may expect 3 episodes, or even less. We believe that Toei Animation will show the life of Android 17 in order to lead in to the upcoming storyline.