The Shonen Jump magazine edition of this week has brought us an official synopsis of both episodes 71 and 72. This makes us think that there may be some alterations as a result of the upcoming Christmas and New Year festivities. Now, let’s see what these synopses have for us:

Episode 71- Goku’s death - the assassination mission must be accomplished!

Synopsis: The return of the legendary assassin Hit! Must he kill Goku? It’s an ordinary day when Goku suddenly feels the presence of a bloodthirsty individual. Hit has arrived to kill Goku, and a fierce battle begins.


A bloody and gruesome battle approaches!

Episode 72 - a counter attack? The invisible technique of assassination!

Synopsis: The legendary assassin Hit appears once more, and Goku is his target. Is the battle over already? Goku is lost in a wave of confusion, and anybody may say the battle is over, but…

We also give you a summary of episode 71 given by Toei Animation on its website. Goku was focusing on perfecting his ki over 24 hours and it was as if he was trying to find someone, but in truth a presence was approaching to rip his life off, and …


It would seem that Goku will die in the very next episode of the series. This is quite shocking considering that the episodes we’ve been seeing are full-up until the new Akira Toriyama original storyline begins in the last days of this month or mid-January.

We know it has happened before that Toei Animation has killed characters in the anime’s fill-ups, as it happened with Piccolo, who died in the Golden Frieza’s saga but in the original story (the one of the OVA) he does not. This time it seems that Toei has gone a few steps beyond and killed the star of the show in a fill-up saga. Is Goku really dead? According to this data it would seem so, yet something may have happened to his body. Anyway, this fill-up saga has an interesting storyline so far, and we will be able to enjoy Hit and some new characters that seem to be from some mysterious Universe unknown so far.