Shonen Jump magazine this week brings us the official synopsis not only of episode 71 but also of 72. Evidently, this has to do with Christmas parties and some alterations in upcoming publications of the magazine. Let's see the official synopsis translated into English:

Episode 71 - the death of Goku! The murder mission must be fulfilled!

Synopsis: The return of the legendary assassin Hit! Must Hit kill Goku? One day, Goku feels the presence of a bloodthirsty individual! The one who came to kill Goku is Hit the hitman.


A fierce battle begins! A bloody and voracious fight is coming!

Episode 72 - a counter-attack, the invisible technique of murder!

Synopsis: Hit, the legendary killer reappears! It seems that Goku is going to be killed. Has Goku and Hit's fight been resolved? Goku is lost in a wave of bewilderment and anyone could think that the fight was lost in the end. ...but?

And we also added the synopsis of episode 71 by Toei Animation on their Website: Goku concentrated on perfecting his ki for 24 hours. It was as if he were looking for someone.

Perhaps he thought the end of his life was approaching?

Next chapter

Finally, everything seems to indicate that Goku will die in the next chapter of the series. This is somewhat disconcerting if we consider that it will be a filling saga before Akira Toriyama's new story arc which will be presented this month and probably released in late January or mid-January. As we have seen on other occasions, Toei has killed characters in anime fillings. A clear example of this is Piccolo who in the "Golden Freezer" saga loses his life when in the original story (that of the film script) he does not die.

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However here Toei has gone much further by eliminating the protagonist of the series in a stuffed saga. Is Goku really dead? The advance of episode 71 lets us think that something could have happened to his body. Anyway ,this mini-saga has an interesting argument where we will be able to see Hit again and to find new personages that seem to be of a mysterious Universe unknown until now.