Finally the first poster of what's going to be the new storyline for the next Hit saga has been leaked. As we have been saying, this Hit saga and the supposed death of #Goku is part of a filler saga that will last until the premiere of the new original content of Akira Toriyama. Now we know when it is going to begin, and a few new details.

Let’s check it out

First of all, the new saga has a release date in less than two months, February 5th of 2017 to be more exact. The title of the saga, as far as we know, will be “Survival Universe." As we can see in the poster is that some characters are getting ready to fight, such as Krillin, Majin Boo, Goku, Vegeta, Gohan, Piccolo, Master Roshi, Tienshin Han, and Androids 17 and 18.


It is curious -- the re-appearance of Android 17, but as you all know, we’ve been speculating about this fact since we’ve seen an encounter between it and Trunks. Android 17 is a character that has remained inactive for quite some time, but all things have pointed to its coming back to action.

More good news is that Gohan will make his return in the upcoming saga. Still, we must consider certain facts, for instance, in the first front page of V-Jump magazine with the first saga of "Dragon Ball Super," we’ve also seen Gohan in his fighting clothes, but in the end his role in the saga was that of a father and a family guy, rather than a warrior.

We’ve only seen him in brief fights with the main villains of the first 2 sagas, with a score of 2 defeats and 0 wins.

Another curious fact is the sport clothing of both Androids. Will they fight dressed like that? How will this saga be? Does it have anything to do with the 12 Universes Tournament? How many more characters will we see in this new storyline? It would be very interesting to have another saga with fights to the death before the 12 Universes Tournament begins. In fact, the name of the saga makes reference to survival.


Is it possible that the 12 Universes Tournament will have fights to the death?

To conclude this note

Let us tell you that this weekend will be the event of V-Jump magazine in Japan, where we expect to see more details about this new, upcoming story.