Finally, Toei Animation decided to change the opening of the series. This is good news for all the fans who got bored of the actual one, and were expecting a new one after all the changes the story has suffered since its first saga. It is our opinion that the actual one is still to our liking, and that at most, only certain animations may be changed (Frieza’s soldiers for instance, who could be replaced by Zeno or some newer characters).

Analyzing the opening

We believe that the actual opening soundtrack is quite good and that there is no need to change it, but Toei Animation has already shown us that they have different logic than that of the 90’s regarding openings and endings.


Back then, "Dragon Ball Z’s" openings had very few changes, and just once was it totally changed, and it was the same with the endings.

But when Dragon Ball Kai appeared on the small screen, this started to change drastically, and both openings and endings were changed as the story progressed. This behavior remained in "Super" as well, experiencing changes in both openings and endings as the sagas passed by. But to bring tranquility to some fans, none of these changes mean that the series will be ending soon, in fact, we can expect a lot of "Dragon Ball Super" for 2017.

Toei’s sole intention with these changes is to renew the series with each new saga, and give space to new artists to contribute to the artwork, refreshing the overall feeling of the series and attracting a new audience.

The new opening is expected to be launched in February, along with the new official storyline, and that will center its story on the Tournament of the 12 Universes organized by the Zeno's. The artist in charge of giving shape and music to this new opening is Kiyoshi Hikawa, and for those who have never listened to him, check out the YouTube video below:


As you can hear, his art tends to be more melodic, and is not as moving as the actual opening.


Still, we believe that the key to an opening is the ability to catch and keep the audience, so we believe that Hikawa will work on a more dynamic theme than the one we’ve just listened to.