As you all must be aware of by now, all these episodes between the Future Trunks saga and the upcoming official content named “Universe’s survival” are part of a fill-up saga made by Toei Animation. What you should keep in mind is that, although many episodes were quite good, these episodes are not part of the official story Toriyama has put together for "Dragon Ball Super." This is why we’ve found some inconsistences, weird characters, etc. Anyway, it seems that Toei is improving their fill-up sagas, and that they have subsequently become more interesting. Now, after this short prelude, let’s move to our main topic.


Whats has become of Frost?

Let’s talk about one of the most interesting topics about this fill-up saga: Frost's whereabouts. In episode 71 we’ve seen in the news on one of the planets of the 6th Universe that the former emperor Frost is still missing. This was also confirmed by Kyabe, the Saiyan of the same universe who was also a contender in the Tournament organized by both Gods of destruction -- Beerus and Champa. Now, in the last episode, the former emperor was mentioned again/ What is he up to? Where is he hiding?

The villain character -- who is of the same race as Frieza -- may be trainig hard to take revenge on those who defeated him and exposed his true and hidden dark side to his universe (Vegeta, Goku, and Jaco).

If this is true, then he may be developing his golden form (or maybe one of a different color, such as Silver).

Are we going to be able to see such a transformation in the Tournament of the 12 Universes? Will there be other members of Frieza’s race in the other unknown universes? Will Akira Toriyama use old characters of the franchise for the tournament? Will there be other Saiyans in the other universes as well? How will Universe 6 complete its roster of fighters for the upcoming tournament?

There was a time in which Beerus asked Goku if it had ever crossed his mind that in the other 11 Universes there may be someone stronger than him, giving room to think that the other universes may have warriors just as powerful as the Saiyan is.

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This certainly gives us much to ponder.