Recently, a new scan of V-Jump magazine has been leaked. In it we can see information about episodes 71 and 72 of the Hit saga, and the identity of the one who hired the legendary assassin to kill Goku. Let’s take a look at this data.

Synopsis of episodes 71 and 72

Hit is back to face Goku once more, and with a single attack to his heart the star of the show dies. The impact was produced by some sort of invisible shockwave from Hit’s fist, that pierced straight through Goku’s heart. Yet he managed to revive himself from a ki strike that he launched to the skies just before his heart stopped.


Now, the Saiyan’s counter-attack begins! Who hired Hit? Vados is the answer to this question, yet she was acting as a liaison between the true client and the legendary assassin. But then again, who is Hit’s true client? Did Goku really manage to see through Hit’s technique?

How can Goku neutralize Hit’s technique?

On this subject, there are quite a few interesting things to analyze. First, it seems incoherent that Vados allowed herself to be put in the middle of these matters, especially when it is a request from an unknown character.

It just doesn’t fit the role of an angel (let’s remember she is Whis' sister, and as such, an angel as well). The angels in this context serve the God of destruction. Yet she is only the contact between the assassin and a client that wants Goku dead -- with the overall motive still unknown.

What we do know is that Goku’s death is only temporary, since he managed to devise a plan to revive himself by launching a ki strike to the skies, that will eventually return to him to strike at his heart, reverting Hit’s strike effect.


We also know that Hit’s attack is invisible but Goku managed to somehow see through it, and must now think of another method to counter the assassin.

Regrettably, we still don’t have any information regarding Hit’s true contractor. Could it be one of Frost's associates? Hopefully we will be able to find out who contracted Hit very soon.